Powerful Home Remedies to Stop Sweating

There are plenty of home remedies to stop sweating that you can begin implementing today with items you'll find in your house or just across the street at the local grocery store. Some work well, some not so well, some work only for some people and not for others. The key is to try as many methods as possible, find the ones that work best for you and stack them. When I say stack, I mean do multiple methods all at once, this is one of the best way to see results from this kind of treatment. With that said, here are a few home remedies to stop sweating from getting the best of you.
1. Vinegar
Believe it or not, regular vinegar can work to close up those pores and prevent excessive sweating. All you have to do is get some vinegar and wet a cloth with it. Take that cloth and wipe your underarms or any other area you want to reduce sweating for. There is something about the vinegar that works to close off the pores, not sure what, but try it and see how it works for you.
2. Wheat Grass
If you haven't heard of wheat grass before, it is a concoction that is very high in vitamin B. In fact it contains many of the B vitamins, from B1 all the way up to B12. Why does this matter? Well, vitamin B supplementation on this level has been shown to have an effect on how much you sweat. So search for this product over the Internet and once you have it shipped to you, drink about a glass of this a day.

3. Tomato Juice
Powerful Home Remedies to Stop SweatingTomato juice, it's good for when you get sprayed by a skunk and also when you want to stop from smelling like one! Blend some tomatoes or buy some tomato juice from the store and drink a glass of this a day. Re-asses your results after at least one week.

4. Potatoes
Out of all other home remedies to stop sweating, this one is one of the strangest. Just buy a potato, any potato will do. Cut it in half and rub the insides of it on your armpits. That's it! Again, I'm not sure how or why it works, but people have had success with this.
While these treatments are good, if you have a severe case of Hyperhidrosis these may not be quite enough. I've only come across one powerful natural cure thus far.
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its he starch in the potato, just like baby powder

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