Dark Spots on Knees and Elbows - Top 5 Ingredients For Treating Dark Discolorations Revealed

Natural Remedies For Treating Dark Spots on Knees and Elbows
Dark spots on knees and elbows are mostly formed due to excess production of Melanin in our body. Skin darkening is mostly caused due to constant exposure to sun, aging etc. There are various products and techniques available in the market that claims to reduce the appearance of dark skin in your body. Most people out of desperation perform surgeries and non-surgical methods for skin whitening. These shortcuts can be extremely harmful for your body in the long run.
Hydroquinone is considered to be an extremely powerful bleaching agent but due to its cancer causing properties, FDA bans this constituent. There are other harmful ingredients such as mercury and steroids, which should never be applied to your skin. These ingredients can easily cause deadly disorders such as thyroid problems, liver damage and leukemia. There are various alternatives of Hydroquinone, which can be easily used for whitening your dark elbows and knees. It is always advisable to employ nature-based methods and ingredients for skin whitening.
Top 5 ingredients for treating dark discolorations
*Kojic Acid: Kojic acid is derived from several species of fungi and is known to limit melanin production -- the substance that gives skin its colorKojic Acid is extremely effective in diminishing the appearance of pigmentation problems and age spots. It is one of the most efficient natural alternatives to Hydroquinone.

Licorice Extract: This ingredient can easily inhibit the production of Melanin in our body.

Mulberry extract: This ingredient is the potent inhibitor of Tyrosinase enzyme.

Vitamin C: It is a natural antioxidant, which can easily flush out toxins from your body. Topical
application of this ingredient can easily inhibit the production Melanin.
Emblica: This ingredient is also exceptionally capable of whitening your skin.
Meladerm is the only product which contains the above 5 ingredients. This cream claims to diminish the appearance of dark spots and skin discoloration in just 2 weeks. Meladerm is free from Hydroquinone and other harmful ingredients. This cream can also visibly reduce the appearance of many skin complications such as hyper pigmentation, age spots, freckles, sun damage, acne marks, old scars, birth marks etc.
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