How to Lose a Pot Belly Fast and Permanently

Everyone knows that exercises keeps us fit and prevent any diseases from entering in to the body. The problem is that people are too lazy and they are trying to find a reason to avoid doing exercise and enjoy the luxury life. Unless you rectify your calorie intake and avoid eating fatty foods, you will not lose belly fat.
Eat whole grains instead of junk foods. This will decrease your belly fat and will change the insulin and the glucose level in your body. It also burns the fat present in your stomach.
Monounsaturated fats such as nuts, avocados, seeds, and soybeans can prevent the formation of belly fat. These substances contain low calories and reduce your blood cholesterol levels.


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Simple Home Exercises To Lose Pot Belly Fast and Permanently

Monounsaturated fatty acids are present in the following food items:
· Oil like canola and olive oil
· Seeds and nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts
· Soybean oil
· Avocado
· Grapes seed oil
Simple Home Exercises:
· Abdominal crunches
This is one of the powerful exercises to lose belly fat. Lie flat in the floor and keep your legs in v shape such that your foot is in the floor. Keep your hands touching the ear or under the chin. Now raise your upper body and slowly reach your maximum position. Now, lower your upper body but don't touch the ground. Repeat this procedure for 15 times.

· Stomach Twisting
Role your hip clock wise and anti-clock wise. Repeat this for 20 times. This will release the stress in the stomach area and love handles, if any.
· Sit ups
Do some sit ups without any weight, repeat this for 12 times. It will make you flexible and if you

have any stress in the thighs it will get released. Then add some weight on your shoulder and do sit ups. If you do it 10 times a day, then you will feel muscle cuts in your stomach.

· Hanging Leg Raise
Hang on a T shape bar and raise your legs slowly without bending your knees. Do it 8 times in 2 sets in a day.
· Hanging knee raise
Hang on a bar and raise your knees slowly and touch your chest. Do it 10 times a day, then you will feel muscle cuts in your stomach.
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