3 Tips to Quickly Get Rid of Skin Allergies

3 Tips to Quickly Get Rid of Skin Allergies
Our immediate environment carries several million chemical agents. A few thousands of these are allergens to skin. Skin allergy results when the allergens attach themselves to carrier proteins and challenge the immune system of the body and the skin in particular. If you have been infected by one of these skin allergies, here are 3 quick tips to get rid of it.

1. Sandalwood paste with lime juice

sandalwood can get rid of skin allergies

Mix one tea spoon of lime juice and sandalwood paste. Apply the compound to the affected skin. Avoid plants, foods, drugs, animals, dust and similar elements which are capable of triggering an allergic reaction. Smoking can compound your problem and should be avoided. White sugar should be avoided because the whitening process for sugar involves toxic chemicals. Bleached flours and its products, processed foods including frozen and pre packed foods and processed meat can potentially aggravate your skin allergy. Food cooked in oil and fried foods too can be avoided because when oil is heated up to cooking temperature, it breaks down making it a carcinogenic substance.

2. Oats cubes
make your own oat cubes for skin allergies

Oats cubes work well to relieve the itching and the process of obtaining the cubes is explained below:
Take a bowl of oats and pour boiling water over it. Keep the bowl covered and leave it for say, 10 minutes. Strain the mix to obtain the liquid. Now transfer the liquid into an ice cube tray. By freezing the liquid, you obtain Oats cubes. Rub these frozen cubes over the affected skin gently.
3. Basil leaves
simple effective relief for skin allergies are basil leaves

Basil leaves known as Tulsi in the Indian sub continent has several medicinal properties and is a revered plant for the Hindus. For healing skin rashes and itches, take 6 to 8 basil leaves and squeeze it inside your palm to obtain an extract. The extract obtained can be directly applied on the affected area.
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