Remove Wrinkled Skin on the Hands

There are 2 steps that you can take to prevent wrinkled skin on hands. Actually, those two steps will help get rid of hand wrinkles, too. Here you will find a step-by-step approach that really works.
Step 1: Protection
Most hand wrinkling problems are caused by harsh environments at work or play. We fail to protect them from sun, wind and dirt. We use harsh cleansers to get rid of the dirt. We fail to wear gloves when we are doing dishes or cleaning the house. These things add up over time.
So, under the heading of protection, there are these suggestions: 
o Wear gloves when gardening or during other outdoor activities 
o When gloves are impractical, cover them with a zinc oxide sun block 
o Wear rubber, plastic or surgical gloves when doing dishes or cleaning house 
o Avoid the use of cleansers, whenever possible; warm water and a clean cloth are all that should be necessary, if you wear gloves during the dirtiest activities 
o When a cleanser is necessary, try a dishwashing liquid that is specially designed to be gentler on the skin
The sun is the number one cause of wrinkled skin on hands and other parts of the body, although there are contributing factors, such as decreased production of elastic fibers and skin cells. A body and hand lotion containing the right ingredients will stimulate the production of cells and fibers. More on that later.
Cleansers and detergents contribute to hand wrinkling problems, because they cause excessive dryness. In some cases, the wrinkled look is actually a reaction to detergents. It's called detergent-related contact dermatitis and it is usually accompanied by redness and cracking.
It is possible to find a hand cream that is effective against the dermatitis and is effective for reducing wrinkled skin on hands. Using that type of cream is step two.
Step 2: Lubrication
The skin's natural lubricant is called sebum. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands. The glands are located deep within the pores, but only on the backs of the hands, not on the palms or inside of the fingers.

Since there is no natural sebum on the palms, the area is particularly prone to dryness and itching from detergents and other irritants. When it comes to the back of the hands, each time that you wash them, you wash away the sebum.
A good hand cream or body lotion will help prevent and repair wrinkled skin on hands. It will also prevent irritation on the palms and excessive dryness. When you are shopping for a lotion, avoid the ones that contain petrolatum or mineral oil. They make the problem worse.
The ingredients to look for include: 
Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of The Wrinkled Skin on the Hands

o Jojoba oil 
o Olive oil 
o Grape seed oil
Those oils are quickly absorbed, because they are very similar to the skin's own sebum. They do not cause a greasy feeling, but they do contribute to softness.
Another ingredient, called Functional Keratin, has proven to be effective for treating detergent-related contact dermatitis. Researchers have found that it stimulates skin cell production, reduces inflammation and acts as an antioxidant, which will help prevent wrinkled skin on hands.
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