10 Makeup Tips For Women Over 40

After turning 40, as you age the makeup that you used in your 20s or 30s no longer works. It's time to embrace yourself and go for the makeup that goes well with your aging skin. With the large variety of products to choose from it isn't really difficult to get that perfect look above 40s too. Here are 10 tips to enhance your features and make you look fabulous.
1. Moisturize
Start with the basics always remember to keep your skin well moisturized. Switch to moisturisers that make your skin firmer and reduce the fine lines. Opt the ones that suit your skin type avoid the ones that make your skin greasy.
2. Avoid too much foundation
Mix your liquid foundation with a moisturizer before applying your makeup or opt for tinted moisturisers. Never use too much of foundation.
3. Use more and more natural products
With the growing age the skin becomes too sensitive to artificial ingredients, avoid them and choose from natural products instead. Nowadays there is a huge variety of natural products to opt for.
4. Use cream based blushes and eye shadows
Powdered blushes or eye shadows are going to draw attention to your wrinkles on your face use cream based products that will help to hide the fine lines also.
5. Use neutral shades
Don't try something too bold it's always wise to go for subtle, neutral shades like browns, beige, etc. Avoid shimmer as much as possible it won't compliment your looks now.
6. Don't draw your eyebrows with pencil

To make your eyebrows look more natural always make them fuller by filling in the eyeshadow with a help of a brush.
7. Use concealer with an under eye cream
Mix your under eye cream with a concealer as it gives the required moisture and keep under eye area fresh also brightens the skin.
8. Eyeliner and mascaraApply the eye liner along the line and smudge it to give a fuller look. Choose the eyeliner colour carefully. Don't forget your mascara for longer eye lashes and it opens up your eyes.
9. Use moisturising lipsticks
Combine your moisturising lipstick with a soft gloss or use a lip balm before applying your lipstick. Lips and skin tends to become drier with age remember to keep them moisturised always.
10. Changes in lifestyle
Change your lifestyle drink more water to keep your skin hydrated, eat healthy foods avoid fats, oils or sugars that make your skin greasy and change the levels of skin balance.
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