6 Natural Ways to Cure Asthma - Cure Asthma Remedies

Asthma is one of the sicknesses which take the breath away if it isn't forestalled in its 1st stage. Now a days man is leading a life in such a unhealthy environment that many new sicknesses are given a new way to enter into his body. He is also becoming unhealthy thanks to the stress of work he has and food which he intake. He is hooked on many bad obsessions like alcohol consumption, smoking, and intake of drugs only to keep his mind relaxed for few seconds. Due to this behavior he has become a body of many sicknesses
There are several different teas that are suggested to cure asthma naturally. They are not teas that come in tea bags, but are therapeutic teas that you would make in a tea pot.


- Chamomile is mostly found in tea form and is used as a natural treatment for asthma, many people say it assists them with their respiring. It is thought that chamomile has the authority to scale back the force of allergies on the body which can lower the issues that you're having with respiring that's caused by allergies.
This is a natural item that opens up the airways and it also serves to cut back panic and uneasiness. When you get anxious about your breathing, you are more inclined to worsen the symptoms of asthma. Taking something that decreases that stress can lessen the chances that you'll cave in to that panic and can help to reduce problems with asthma.

Omega fatty acid

- Omega fatty acid: Is also used as a natural treatment for asthma, it help the ingestion of omega fatty acids as they'll help lessen the levels of arachidonic acid, Arachidonic acid may cause an asthma attack. This acid can be found in these type of foods: shellfish, egg yolks and beef
Sultanas and Raisins

- Sultanas and Raisins: Eat the dry grapes or sultanas covered with water for a night. This is the best natural cure for asthma, and can greatly increase breathing and air flow through the lungs.

- Garlic: This is a great and awfully useful choice for any type of asthma treatment you are seeking. The aggregate of boiled garlic and drinking milk gives good natural relief for asthma.
6 Natural Ways to Cure Asthma

- Vitamin C: If you take 500mg of Vitamin C daily it helps with the swelling inside your body, also if taken everyday Vitamin C can improve your breathing.
- Avoiding yourself from dust is a must for asthma patients. Performing easy yoga exercises of breathing with the consult of your physician which helps you to keep away you from asthma attack in the future.
- Avoid sleeping with full stomach and don't taking heavy nibbles when you head off to bed. Keep yourself away from some of the food items which may cause you asthma. Have a practice of eating lots of fish as it decreases your asthma condition. Cultivate a habit of having exotic food like eating fresh veggies, fruits, intake of vitamins / mineral supplements which may keep you away from asthma.
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