Homemade Recipes Against Facial Hair

Have you ever thought that you will find out the possibility to remove hair from your face at home in comfort, using simple tools that can be found in every house? Hair on the face can often become a real problem for women of different age. They start to feel shaky and the procedure of removing with the help of wax or tweezers is rather painful and unpleasant.
All the women can face the problem of excess hair growing on their face. Sometimes it is not very noticeable but in other cases dark hairs can be very unpleasant. Women feel embarrassed and it can become not only cosmetic but also psychological problem.
Basic methods which are used to remove facial hair
All the common methods of removing of hair cannot be applied to your face because of one simple reason: skin on your face is very sensitive, especially areas above your lips, chin and forehead. So you will agree that waxing will be like a torture and the irritation will be guaranteed. As for shaving then it shouldn`t be worth trying because it can aggravate the condition and hair growth will speed up.
So what would you say about removing hair from your face, staying at home and using safe natural components which are always at hand? So we will tell you how to do this procedure effectively and without any possible pain.
Natural methods of hair removing at home
If you have always been sure that removing of hair takes a lot of time and energy then you were wrong. Hair on women`s face is thin and gentle and they can easily be removed by massaging after they have been soften. There exist some components that will help to reduce hair growth avoiding side effects and in some cases even stop this process. You may be surprised but these natural components are lemon, sugar, honey and flour. And now we will tell you how to make special remedies using these useful ingredients and how to apply them.
Lemon & Honey hair removal
First you should mix for parts of honey with one part of lemon juice.
Then take a cotton pad and wipe your face with this lotion and leave it for fifteen minutes.
Wash up your face with warm water.
You should do it twice a week and when you will see the effect, you can reduce it to one time a week.

You may use the lotion made of lemon juice, water and sugar. Dissolve one part of sugar in five parts of water and add a few drops if lemon juice. Apply this lotion just as it was mentioned above. This remedy is able not just to remove hair but also to reduce its growth.
Chickpea & lemon remedy
You should make a paste of a spoon of cream, two spoons of chickpea and a few drops of lemon juice and a bit of water.
Then apply this mask on your face and leave it for twenty minutes in order for it to dry.
Then peel your face with this dried substance. After it you should take some milk to remove dry mass which was left on your face and wipe it gently.
If you do this twice a week then in a couple of weeks you will see the progressive effect.
Sugar & Corn flour & Egg hair removing mask
You should make a mask by mixing glair, sugar and corn flour and making a smooth mass of it.
Apply it on your face and leave it until it becomes dry.
Then scrub the dried paste against the hair growth, which will give the effect of waxing and reduce hair growth.
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Facial Hair
To achieve the best result, repeat this procedure twice a week.
These remedies will not bring the effect in one day. You should be patient and use them systematically. The result will be seen in two or even three weeks. Hairs will become thinner and thinner and will gradually disappear thanks to these homemade remedies.
They are not just very effective in hair removing but they also are very useful for your skin, because they are based on natural products which are, by the way, available. They help to cleanse it and it looks shiny. So we hope that all these tips will help you to get rid of this problem and be beautiful and healthy!
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