Underarm Whitening Home Remedy - DIY Tips For Underarm Whitening Revealed

Underarm Whitening Home Remedies
  • There are various home remedies for whitening armpits. One among them is potato juice. This is a very effective bleaching agent. Just apply it and leave it for sometime. Then wash it with cold water.
  • You may also choose to run a piece of lemon on the armpits.
  • Further while bathing, scrub the underarms with pumice stone daily.
  • After bathing apply baking soda.
  • You can also apply Vitamin E oil or coconut oil.

Another underarm whitening home remedy is a paste of a tea spoon of lemon juice, a tea spoon of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. You can apply it on the armpits and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water.
Another paste to make at home uses 1 tea spoon gram flour, 1 tea spoon curd and a hint of turmeric powder. This paste is applied on the underarms and you allow it to dry. Then rinse it off with cold water.
Similarly another paste that you can apply in this area is made of sandalwood powder & just a few drops
DIY Home Remedies For UnderArm Whiteningof rose water.
There are also many skin whitening products available online and over the counter as well. While choosing them read the contents carefully. Preferable they all must be natural ones in order to avoid the side effects of the chemicals. They mainly have a component known as hydroquinone. This chemical is indeed helpful in skin whitening but it can also harm you if it is used in excess. Check that it must not be more than 2% in any of the products you choose.
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